Tyler courses for all students

Looking to unleash your creativity? Take a course at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture.

Temple students can explore painting and drawing, glass, printmaking, jewelry, ceramics, graphic design, photography as well as art history, community arts practice, architecture, landscape architecture and community development.

Studying at Tyler will give you hands-on practice in self-expression, experience in creative problem-solving and lots of opportunity for collaborative thinking—skills highly desired in today’s workforce.

If you’re interested in a minor or certificatesimply taking a provocative Gen Ed requirement or just satisfying a curiosity, we have a class for you.

Please contact Tyler’s Advising Office for more information. 

Due to Covid-19 safety measures, courses may be hybrid, with a mix of online and in-person learning, or fully online. Check the fall 2022 course schedule to learn more.


● ART 1010 Special Topics: Painting in the Expanded Field 

● ART 2611 Special Topics: Eco-Friendly Plant-Based Photo Printing  

● and many more!


ARTH      0803      Sacred Space - GA Gen Ed Arts
ARTH      0808      Arts of Western World - GA Gen Ed Arts
ART         0822     The Photographic Image - GB Gen Ed Human Behavior
TYLE       0805     Race, Identity & Experience in American Art - GD Gen Ed Diversity & Race
TYLE       0810     Artful Living: Engaging in Art and Visual Culture - Limited Edition GA Gen Ed Arts
TYLE       0810    Arts Communities and Climate Justice - Limited Edition GA Gen Ed Arts
ARCH      0835    Guerrilla Altruism - GB Gen Ed Human Behavior
ARCH      0875    Architecture and the American Cultural Landscape - GB Gen Ed Human Behavior
LARC      0841    Sustainable Design - GS Gen Ed Science & Technology
LARC      0852    Green vs Gray: Urban Ecology - GS Gen Ed Science & Technology
CTRP      0807    People, Places & Environment - GU Gen Ed US Society
CTRP      0821    Digital Mapping - GQ Gen Ed Quantitative Literacy


TYLE       0905      Race, Identity & Experience in American Art - GD Gen Ed Diversity & Race


ARCH      1001      Intro to Design & Environment
ARCH      1013      Architecture for Non-Majors
ARCH      1017      Photo & Visual Literacy
ARCH      1196      History of the Form of Cities
ARCH      3146      Engaging Places


ART         1010      Special Topics in Art - Fall 2022 Topics

  • Intro to Woodworking
  • Painting the Expanded Field
  • Introduction to Welding and Metal Fabrication
  • Intro to Motion Design

ART      1012      Intro to Visual Language Design
ART      1101      Ceramic for Non-Tyler BFA
ART      1201      Fibers for Non-Tyler BFA
ART      1301      Glass for Non-Tyler BFA
ART      1401      Jewelry for Non-Tyler BFA
ART      1502      Intro to Vis Language Painting
ART      1503      Intro to Vis Language  Drawing
ART      1504      Philadelphia Sketchbook
ART      1602      Art Photo - Digital
ART      1603      Art Photo - Online
ART      1701      Screenprinting
ART      1702      Artist Books, Zines and Independent Publishing
ART      2010:     

  • Memory of Material
  • Eco-Friendly Plant-Based Photo Printing

TYLE    2468      Punk's DIY Rebellion


ARTH      1155      Arts of the World I: Prehistoric to 1300
ARTH 1955 HONORS Arts of the World I: Prehistoric to 1300
ARTH      1156      Arts of the World II: 1300 to 21st Century
ARTH      2010:

  • Transgender Studies Meets Art History
  • Later Islamic Art

ARTH      2096, 2097, 2197

Art History Writing Intensive - Fall 2022 Topics

  • Monuments and Memorialization in the United States
  • The Unstable Artwork: Copies, and Change across Time and Place
  • The Ocean and Art: Marine Art, Maps, and the Ecology of Architecture
  • The WORK of Art: Art Writing, Curating, Exhibitions, Display


BOT 1111 General Botany


CART      3011      Introductory Seminar in Community Arts


CDEV      1113      Intro to Community Development
CDEV      3113      Nonprofit Management


GAD       2073       Intro to Web Design
GAD       2077       Intro to Illustration
GAD       2078       The Art of Infographics


HORT 2221 Herbaceous Plants I