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Support the future of art and architecture

The ongoing success of Tyler’s students and faculty, as well as the advancement of the art and architecture fields at large, depend on generous gifts by donors like you. 

Internationally respected and nationally-ranked, the Tyler School of Art and Architecture has challenged students to fearlessly think, create and question for more than 75 years. Tyler continues to mentor and nurture artists, designers, educators, researchers and thought leaders by providing them with invaluable experiences and opportunities, state-of-the-art facilities and access to the leading creative and critical minds of today.

Tyler’s mission continues. Tomorrow’s bold thinkers and makers are poised to change the world. Together, with your support, we will move the needle—creatively, culturally and socially—and confront modern urban challenges that communities face everywhere.

Whether you have a personal connection to Tyler or are just a firm believer in a sustainable future, social practice, the vitality of the arts or the importance of education, we invite you to make a difference in an area that matters most to you.

Please consider a gift to Tyler and help develop the next generation of artists, designers, educators and researchers who will go on to achieve critical distinction both within their creative disciplines and their transformative professional careers.

For more information on your gift and impact options, please contact:

Susan Cahan

Maggie Downing
Executive Assistant and Project Manager
(215) 777-9710

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