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Want to know what it's like to be a student at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture and Temple University? 

Explore the video and profiles below and contact our Admissions Office to learn how being a Tyler student can be a transformative experience for you, too.



  • Landscape Architecture and Horticulture

    Madelyn Scott, '23

    • When was the first time you realized you were interested in landscape architecture?  

      "I discovered the field of landscape architecture when I was in my senior year of high school. I've always been a creative person, and I was browsing through lists of careers on various college websites (as a wayward high school student does). When I stumbled upon a...

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  • Graphic & Interactive Design

    Phillip Le, '22

    • When was the first time you realized you were interested in your program?

      "The first time I realized that I was interested in my program was when I was in high school, exploring all the options I could do in the future. For a long time, I enjoyed making and creating art but wasn’t sure what careers I could explore with it while developing my tech hobby into computers and software. Then I realized that I could merge the two into the realm of graphic design, combining my two hobbies into a lifelong career."

      What’s a typical day like in your studio...

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  • Art History

    Lydia Davidheiser, '23

    • When was the first time you realized you were interested in your program?

      "I came to Temple as a Communication Studies major but took an Art History survey course as an elective during my first semester. It sparked such an interest in me that I decided to change my major within the first two weeks of being a freshman. Since then, I haven’t looked back!"

      What’s a typical day like in your studio?

      "Typically, art history courses are lecture-based but also include engaging, meaningful conversations with classmates and the...

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  • Photography

    Angela Sileo, '23

    • When was the first time you realized you were interested in photography? 

      "I received my first camera when I was 8. In high school, I took a digital photography course. Even though I got accepted to Temple as another major and did not consider attending art school, my teacher encouraged me to not give up photography or a least pursue a minor. After a month of being at Temple, I wanted to take the leap to switch into Tyler and I wanted to do photography. I can’t explain it extremely well, but the click of the shutter always makes me go silent and feel happy...

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  • Art Therapy

    Mia Stavarski, '22


      When was the first time you realized you were interested in art therapy?

      "I first learned about the program when a Tyler admissions counselor came into my high school. She had mentioned that there was a new program called art therapy that started within the past year. As someone who loved art and psychology, I knew that this was the perfect way to serve others. I loved the idea of...

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  • Art Education

    Josie Newman, '23

    • Why did you choose Art Education? 

      "I chose art education because there is so much power in the teaching of art in its ability to give students a creative outlet, be a personal support system, give kids the resources to express themselves, and allow students to see the world as multidimensional. Art has always been there for me when crises arise, and it can serve as a constant for students, too. A teacher can really make or break an individual's school experience, and I want to be the person that helps students look forward to school." 


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  • Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM

    Laura Adams, '24

    • What was the first time you realized you were interested in metalsmithing? 

      “When I was a junior in high school, that’s when I decided that I wanted to pursue metals specifically. A lot of times, with so many of these creative fields you have that, ‘oh — I can actually do this as a job?’ moment. Metals is a ...

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