Graduate Funding Opportunities

Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University offers a range of generous funding opportunities for incoming and continuing students. 

Each applicant is automatically considered for merit-based scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships, carrying awards from $5,000 to full tuition remission plus stipend for the duration of the degree program. These financial awards do not need to be repaid.

Current students have opportunities to apply for funding to support their creative research, allowing students to act and think big in ways that are meaningful to their education and how their work will impact the world in the future.

Selected Temple Resources
As part of Temple University, students have the advantage of access to a broader range of need-based awards and merit-based fellowships, assistantships, scholarships and grants. For more information on the following opportunities and more, please visit Temple’s Graduate School.

  • University and Presidential Fellowships: Provide full tuition remission and annual stipends based on the strength of the statement of purpose, letters of recommendation and academic/professional record as documented in the graduate application. All eligible students are automatically considered.
  • Future Faculty Assistantships: Support students from historically underrepresented groups. Provide full tuition remission, annual stipends, and mentorship during the summer. All eligible students are automatically considered.
  • Doctoral Dissertation Completion Grant: Supports the work of nominated doctoral students who have completed all requirements for the degree except the required dissertation and are advanced to candidacy receive a stipend and one credit of tuition remission.
  • Master of Fine Arts Completion Grant: Supports the work of nominated students who have completed all requirements for their degree except the required project receive a stipend and one credit of tuition remission.
  • Graduate School travel scholarships: Provide travel support for PhD students who are the primary presenter of a paper or poster at a national or international meeting of a professional organization. 
  • Work-study: Allows elligible students to earn a bi-weekly paycheck to help cover non-billable educational expenses. 
  • Student loans: Federal and private education loans are available for eligible students. 

Selected Tyler Resources
Tyler offers a range of general and program-specific, merit-based funding. 

Scholarship funds for graduate students are competitive. Incoming students are automatically considered for scholarships at the time of acceptance. Some scholarships are also available for continuing graduate students, and are announced to eligible students during the academic year. 

  • Dean’s Student Travel Grant: Supports graduate student travel to present research and work at professional conferences.
  • Dean’s Grants for Student Research: Provide funding for special projects; reviewed by a faculty committee.
  • Research assistantships: For research supervised by a faculty member or researcher on a sponsored project.
  • Teaching assistantships: Instruct, lecture and supervise undergraduate academic activities, provide academic support or work in another academic instruction setting.
  • For continuing graduate students, select internships and externships are also available. 

Selected External Resources
Tyler also keeps track of a range of external funding opportunities in the WHAT, the school’s weekly email blast for students. Temple’s Student Financial Services Office and Graduate School list opportunities to support the scholarly and creative pursuits of students and help offset academic and other costs associated with expanded learning and advanced practice.