Studio Space

Even if you have a “day job,” you can still continue to make art. 

Most artist work at least part-time until they become firmly established, but they still maintain a studio practice.  You must continue to make art if you want to be successful.  You should work in your studio–whether that’s at home or if you have a dedicated studio–as much as you can!

Local Studio Spaces

You can often find inexpensive studio space on Craigslist (categories Communities -> Artists or Housing -> Office/commercial). When looking at studio space on Craigslist make sure you initially visit the studio during the day, and take a friend with you. Then, before you sign or agree to anything, ask around about the area and make sure you are comfortable going there/being there during the hours you will be working in the studio.

Communal Working Space

Sometimes, you don’t want a studio but you need access to equipment in order to work.  There are several resources in Philadelphia to help you out!  Each has a different model for costs and access, so you’ll have to check out to see what you need to do to use these facilities. If you want to keep working using expensive equipment you can’t afford to buy, these are your solutions.