Ceramics Faculty

Meet Our

Ceramics Faculty

  • Assistant Professor of Instruction and Program Head of Ceramics

    Lauren Sandler

    • Email: lauren.sandler@temple.edu
    • Website: www.laurensandlerstudio.com
    • Lauren Sandler is an artist and educator whose work deconstructs mythologies and investigates narratives of power and perspective. With fragmented forms, allegorical vessels and mundane assemblages, Sandler amplifies interdependence, highlights stories obfuscated or erased and implicates our assumptions of normal and worth. With a background in anthropology, she examines the myriad chronicles told by objects and develops work where the visceral and structural meet a shared intersection of body, culture and history. 

      Sandler exhibits nationally and publishes work and lectures...

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  • Associate Dean and Associate Professor

    Chad D. Curtis

    • Email: chad.curtis@temple.edu
    • Phone: 215-777-9167
    • Office: Tyler 210F
    • Website: www.chaddcurtis.com
    • Chad Curtis is an artist and educator who is motivated by politics of the environment, land use, climate change and the evolution of these relationships over time. Visually, Curtis’s work references traditional notions of the sublime landscape and monumental beauty such as vast open spaces, the horizon, trees and mountains. These landscapes represent the very same desires that helped fuel the westward expansion and Manifest Destiny of the United States. In similar ways, digital technology is fueling a worldwide expansion with an equally devastating impact on humanity and the environment....

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  • Assistant Professor

    Roberto Lugo

    • Email: roberto.lugo@temple.edu
    • Phone: 215-777-9201
    • Office: Tyler 150M
    • Website: www.robertolugostudio.com
    • Roberto Lugo is a potter, educator, poet, public speaker and community activist whose work and research explores issues of race, poverty, obesity and inequality. His ceramics vessels appropriate forms and ornament from royal porcelain manufacturers and recontextualize their visual iconography to pay homage to underrepresented people of color. 

      As an educator and activist Lugo’s research focuses on how to create more opportunities for people of color to engage in the visual arts, both as object makers and as culture makers.

      Lugo has conducted over 57...

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  • Adjunct Professor and Artist in Residence

    George Rodriguez

    • Email: george.rodriguez0001@temple.edu
    • Website: www.georgerodriguez.net
    • George Rodriguez is a visual artist and ceramic sculptor, born and raised in the border city of El Paso, Texas, who draws inspiration from his Mexican-American upbringing. Visualized with ornament, humor and reverence for tradition, his art builds bridges between cultures as well as presents connections to the past.

      MFA, University of Washington
      BFA, University of Texas El Paso

  • Adjunct Faculty

    Charlie Cunningham

    • Email: tuk54866@temple.edu
    • Website: www.charliecunninghamart.com
    • Charlie Cunningham is a studio artist from Connecticut. He is the co-founder of the Orchard Art Collective in Philadelphia. His interdisciplinary background provides students with a multifaceted education in fine arts and professional practice.

      MFA, Pennsylvania State University
      BFA, University of New Haven

  • Adjunct Faculty

    Lauren Mabry

    • Email: tuj81587@temple.edu
    • Website: www.laurenmabry.com
    • Lauren Mabry is an artist and educator currently based in Philadelphia whose highly expressive, colorful work—painted with glazes she mixes from raw materials—blurs the boundaries between ceramics, abstract painting and sculpture.

      MFA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
      Post Baccalaureate, Colorado State University
      BFA, Kansas City Art Institute

  • Adjunct Faculty

    Yelizaveta (Liza) Masalimova

    • Email: tuk54868@temple.edu
    • Website: www.lizastudio.com
    • Yelizaveta is a Ukrainian-American interdisciplinary artist and educator with a background in sculpting the figure. She is the co-founder and director of the Orchard Art Collective in Philadelphia.

      MFA, University of Connecticut
      BFA, University of New Haven

  • Adjunct Faculty

    Peter Morgan

    • Email: tuh22817@temple.edu
    • Website: www.petergmorgan.com
    • Peter Morgan explores the world through an investigation of location, representation, perception, taxonomy and language. He is a founding member of the Philadelphia artist-run gallery Practice.

      MFA, Alfred University
      BFA, California College of Arts and Crafts
      BA, Roanoke College