Ceramics Faculty

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Ceramics Faculty

  • Assistant Professor and Program Head of Ceramics

    Roberto Lugo

    • Website:www.robertolugostudio.com
    • Contact: roberto.lugo@temple.edu
    • Phone Number: 215-777-9201
    • Room Number: Tyler 150M
    • Roberto Lugo is a potter, educator, poet, public speaker and community activist whose work and research explores issues of race, poverty, obesity and inequality. His ceramics vessels appropriate forms and ornament from royal porcelain manufacturers and recontextualizes their visual iconography by using pottery to pay homage to underrepresented people of color. 

      As an educator and activist Lugo’s research focuses on how to create more opportunities for people of color to engage in the visual arts, both as makers and as culture makers.

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  • Chad Curtis working in studio
    Associate Dean and Associate Professor

    Chad D. Curtis

    • Website:www.chaddcurtis.com
    • Contact: chad.curtis@temple.edu
    • Phone Number: 215-777-9167
    • Room Number: Tyler 210F
    • Chad Curtis is an artist and educator who is motivated by politics of the environment, land use, climate change and the evolution of these relationships over time. Visually, Curtis’s work references traditional notions of the sublime landscape and monumental beauty such as vast open spaces, the horizon, trees and mountains. These landscapes represent the very same desires that helped fuel the westward expansion and Manifest Destiny of the United States.

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  • Adjunct Faculty

    Charlie Cunningham

    • Website:www.charliecunninghamart.com
    • Contact: tuk54866@temple.edu
    • Charlie Cunningham received a BFA in Painting from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts and an MFA in Sculpture from Pennsylvania State University. He has exhibited at the Governor's Island Art Fair NYC, Burlington City Arts and the Delaware Contemporary Art Museum. He is the recipient of several awards and honors, including a Teton Artlab Residency, Governor’s Island Residency, Rasquache Artist Residency and the Penn State University Creative Achievement Award.

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  • Adjunct Faculty

    Lauren Mabry

  • Adjunct Faculty

    Yelizaveta (Liza) Masalimova

    • Website:www.lizastudio.com
    • Contact: tuk54868@temple.edu
    • Yelizaveta Masalimova immigrated to Connecticut from Kiev, Ukraine in 1991. She earned a BFA in Sculpture from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, where she was the sole recipient of the Adams Academic Grant, and an M.F.A. from the University of Connecticut. From 2014-2015, Yelizaveta studied sculpture and ceramics as a Post Graduate Resident Artist at Pennsylvania State University. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States, as well as in a solo exhibition at Schiller International University in Madrid.

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  • Adjunct Faculty

    Peter Morgan