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One-Year Horticultural Therapy Certificate

Author: Gracie A. Laychock
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Thorough hands-training, this certificate introduces students to a variety of horticulture therapy skills. The program meets horticultural therapy requirements by the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) for becoming a Registered Horticultural Therapist.

Students complete projects to develop skills in HT programming, activities, grant writing, budgeting, marketing, research, and interdisciplinary approaches to health care.

A key component is learning to design therapeutic indoor and outdoor spaces that address universal design and support. Instruction and business planning for private HT contractual work is also examined. Horticultural therapy uses plants, horticultural activities, and the natural world to improve people's social, educational, psychological, and physical adjustment, thus improving their bodies, minds, and spirits.

The Horticultural Therapy Certificate Program prepares students for positions and the profession of horticultural therapy.


  • Hospitals and institutions
  • Vocational training facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Halfway houses   
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Senior centers and communities
  • Correctional facilities
  • Schools
  • Arboreta and botanical gardens
  • Parks and recreation centers
  • Farms and horticultural businesses
  • Community gardens

REQUIRED COURSES (12 credit hours)

HORT 2324 Plant Propagation (3 cr)

HORT 2753 Intro to Horticultural therapy (3 cr)

HORT 2754 Horticultural Therapy Skills (3 cr)

HORT 2755 Horticultural Therapy Program Management (3 cr)

These college credit courses are offered in the evening and on Saturdays at the Temple University Ambler campus. All courses must be completed at Temple University with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

To register for courses required to complete the Horticultural Therapy Certificate, contact to Tyler School of Art and Architecture admissions office by email: or by calling 215-777-9090.


The American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) registers horticultural therapists. Registration is based on academic and professional training and supervised field work. This credit certificate program contributes to the educational requirements for the registration.

For complete information on becoming a registered Horticultural therapist, contact AHTA at, or write to the national office at 2150 N. 107th Street, Ste. 205, Seattle, WA 98133.

For more information contact:

Tyler Admissions

tel: 215-777-9090

fax: 215-777-9191