The Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM (MJCC) Program at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, recognized as a national leader in the discipline, offers traditional jewelry-making and cutting-edge digital practice. Tyler MJCC is known for its position as a pioneer of new attitudes, new technologies and new processes.

Tyler’s expansive, state-of-the-art facility dedicated to MJCC is a preeminent space for students to learn time-honored techniques and transcend tradition through the latest technologies—Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) and electroforming, for example, were both pioneered for use in metals and jewelry here at Tyler. Working closely with faculty, who are also practicing artists and leaders in the field, students gain expertise with a variety of materials, from metals and alloys to plastics, to design and create jewelry and other objects that celebrate beauty, utility, individuality, innovation and aesthetic experience.

As part of Temple University, a large, public research university, students have abundant resources and extensive opportunities to engage in conceptual research that informs their personal vision. Located in Philadelphia, a premier center of jewelry-making, Tyler MJCC students find internships and leverage faculty relationships to connect with the regional and national metal community.

Students leave Tyler’s MJCC Program with a broad skillset, enhanced critical thinking skills and the technological proficiency to succeed in a variety of industries, establish an individual artistic practice or gain acceptance in graduate school.


  • Nearly 6,000 square feet devoted to jewelry-making, metalsmithing, and 3D printing
  • An electroforming lab to build on Tyler’s pioneering use of the process
  • Laser cutters and welding technologies
  • Fully-equipped 3D printing lab to accommodate a full range of materials, objects and ambitious projects; and features an Objet Eden 350 (large-scale 3D printer), ZCorp Z510 (gypsum 3-D printer), five Form 2 printers, and more
  • Dedicated computer lab, complete with 3D modeling and graphics software
  • 11 dedicated workspaces for graduate students


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