Victoria Ahmadizadeh

art piece made of sandblasted glass

Victoria Ahmadizadeh

Victoria Ahmadizadeh, BFA 2010, was born and raised in Bethlehem, PA. Ahmadizadeh is a sculptor who uses many materials and processes to create narrative objects and installations examining paradox in society, as well as individual identity. She draws inspiration from a myriad of places, such as her Persian and Hispanic family heritage, symbolism, the history of painting and photography, and fashion’s role in defining culture.

This past fall, Victoria was selected as an intern for an Arts and Industry Residency at John Michael Kohler Art Center, where she was an artist assistant to the residents in the Kohler Co. Pottery.  This highly competitive internship/residency provides young artists the opportunity to assist the artists-in-residence and also to make their own work.

Victoria’s work has been included in exhibitions in Philadelphia and Washington, and one of her pieces was selected for inclusion in New Glass Review 33.

Image Details
Portrait of a Veiled Woman
Sandblasted Glass
Image credit: Scott Seifert at Kohler