Anthony Coplan, MFA 2019

April 3 - 6, 2019

Opening Reception April 5, 6-8pm

Artist Statement

These works examine masculine gendered expressions of reoccurring experiences that can be traced as a common thread throughout my life and the lives of other men who are close to me.

I create a patchwork of memories as images. These collected and connected memories draw on scattered experiences throughout my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood which was spent in the United States Army. They are now brought together on a single surface. I am creating this unification between time and place by depicting what I understand to be a deep relationship between my various interactions with masculinity.

Each of the symbolic images partake in a dividing and yet simultaneously unifying activity. Often these are reoccurring and situationally similar despite possibly spanning, up to, a decade apart. The compositions express a carefully constructed chaos. To provide something for a viewer’s quick look and long gaze I play with proportion and perspective as well as hidden images.

While in Rome my process became influenced by, and even adopted, what I was observing and learning about the old masters’ works. Such methods as embracing a stylization that distorted and flatten the image, preparatory sketching as well as reinforcing an appreciation of form, symbolism and thoroughness as a sort of homage. I combine this approach with 21st century imagery.