Antony Anderson, MFA 2015

Thesis Exhibition: March 25 – March 28, 2015

Opening Reception: March 27, 6 – 8:30 PM
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 6 PM

Southeast View from Casino Parking Lot by Antony Anderson

Southeast View from Casino Parking Lot
Digital Pigment Print, 16 x 21 inches, 2014    


What to do with a Dead Whale? by Antony Anderson

What to do with a Dead Whale?
Video Installation, Dimensions Variable, 2015

My work examines the peculiarities of everyday life. Much of my interest lies in examining cultural systems, specifically those which are used in the construction of ideas and the creation of thought -- in short, systems of information. The technologies of photography, video, and even written language play a critical role in my work.

As the distinction between consumers and producers of media grow increasingly hazy, the ethics associated with the spread of information gain importance for our society. My work stresses the importance of considering the information one consumes; investigating the source of information, the actual ideas presented, and their far-reaching implications, whether social, political or otherwise.

Each of my artworks conveys an action against the medium itself, as well as the content it portrays. Through these actions, which are as critical as they are open-ended, I aim to activate the content of each media by laying bare its underlying structures, and by extension their limitations. Through the act of deconstruction, examination, or corruption of each system, my work addresses not only what we see but how we see it. 

All images courtesy of the artist.