Arin Ashley, MFA 2019

February 27 - March 2, 2019

Opening Reception March 1, 6-8pm

Print on paper, black ink on pink background

Multicolor strip fabric shaped like a cushion

Artist Statement

As my body was occupied by another during pregnancy,
as I was struck by the absence of bodily autonomy in labor, delivery, and ‘recovery’,
as I pumped breast milk from my body into bottle after bottle while hiding in bathrooms,
I slowly and painfully began to realize that...

My body has never been my own.

My body has been something to wrap up in bows, ruffles, ribbon and lace,
something sweet to enjoy,
something precious to preserve,
something pure to protect,
something to cover in shame,
something to cleanse,
something to refine,
something to maintain,
something to admire and adore,
something to conquer, to control, to possess,
something to buy and sell,
something to give away,
something to inhabit,
something to sacrifice,
something to consume.

some thing
Some one

My body has always been something to own
never My own.