Art Market at Tyler

Ninth Annual Art Market at Tyler



The Tyler School of Art & Architecture Alumni Association is excited to present the ninth annual Art Market at Tyler! 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Art Market is being presented entirely in a virtual format, and will run until October 21, 2020. We’re taking this opportunity to focus on 20 featured artists by highlighting their stories and work through artist profiles. 

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2020 Featured Artists

  • Adam Ledford
  • B.D. Williams
  • Eva E. Glassworks
  • Forge & Finish
  • Hilary Hertzler
  • Isaac Scott
  • Kat Lee Ceramics
  • Lauren Whearty
  • LeMieux Books
  • Marissa Klick
  • Morgan Gilbreath
  • Mosette Jewelry
  • Pablo Alarcón Jr.
  • Salma Garcia
  • Stanley Chester & Albert Ceramics
  • Steph Kimmel
  • Stitch Prism
  • Tatyana Grechina
  • The 50/50 Company
  • Threet Ceramics