Assessment in Graphic & Interactive Design

Graphic and Interactive Design is communication through visual language-image, typography, form. It includes work that is client-driven as well as self-authored. It can be used to promote commerce, culture and the public good. It employs an unlimited variety of media-traditional and new-to give visual form to ideas, messages and information. 

The curriculum at Tyler exposes students to a wide variety of options the field has to offer. Students are evaluated by the exacting standards of the profession from the beginning of their design studies at Tyler. Graduates from the BFA and MFA programs work in print and web design studios, advertising agencies, publishing companies, film and television, music packaging and promotion, product design and packaging, in design departments of major corporations, and as freelance illustrators. Students at Tyler have been successful in numerous national and international design competitions. Graduates from the Graphic and Interactive Design program are employed by studios and agencies around the country and abroad.

BFA in GAID Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the conceptual and theoretical principles in their major
  • Effective critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Effective utilization of oral and written communication
  • Technical expertise in the software and hardware utilized in each discipline
  • Highly developed aesthetic and conceptual skills
  • Professional caliber image and object making abilities

MFA in GAID Key Learning Outcomes

  • Mastery of conceptual, visual, and technical aspects of contemporary graphic design.
  • Ability to apply critical and analytical skills to design.
  • Understanding of the formal and aesthetic of the discipline.
  • Ability to articulate ideas and information in both written and oral format.
  • Technical mastery of new and /or traditional media.
  • Ability to establish and maintain independent studio practices.
  • Ability to carry out independent studio research.
  • Ability to self author design projects.
  • Understanding of the ethical, legal, and social responsibilities in design practice.