Brian McNamara

November 10-13

Ruby's Diner
Wood, paint, ceramic 13" x 11" x 8"

The Long Drive
Ceramic, wood, sand, concrete, 48" x 24" x 18"

Artist Statement

My entire life I’ve lived wearing a disguise. I presented myself as the person that I thought those around me wanted to see, or I pretended to be something I’m not to avoid being called dirty names. My name is Brian McNamara, I was born fair skinned. The only part of me that shows my Mexican heritage is the black hair on my head. I grew up surrounded by my white friend’s parents saying terms like “beaner” and “wetback.” I was told that Mexicans are lazy and dirty people. They casually said that we should send them all back to Mexico where they belong. They were talking about my family, and I was too timid to speak up.

I know my story is not the only one like it, though nevertheless It’s an important story to tell. I work firmly in the narrative. I’m a storyteller that works in the visual arts to tell my tales. The stories I tell have always been deeply personal. They’ve been about my relationships, my spirituality, and now my heritage.