Bridget K. Rogers, MFA 2020

April 1-4, 2020

Opening Reception: April 3rd, 6-8pm

Cup of Teagan, 2019, digital photograph

Becoming Wallpaper, 2019, digital photograph

Artist Statement

On Becoming Wallpaper

As an outsider, one might think it is unusual to have over one hundred immediate family members, and they would be right; however, that is the boomba playing, six Christmas turkeys, and matching shirts world that I grew up in, which enabled me to think quite differently about reality. I focus my attention to these quirky traditions and bizarre family gatherings to create a semi-fictional world for others to participate in. Subtlety is key in creating this alternate reality, thus the patterns, religious symbolism, color and particularly the nostalgia become essential qualities within the work. Patterns are meant to distract; thus, by developing a coded visual language, I am able to toy with the tension of the viewer who is both at ease in these spaces meant to represent the home, but also expose their underlying discomfort. I toy with sustained disbelief as the viewer begins to decipher the surreal elements within the photographs and realize that many of the scenes depicted are in fact miniatures. These alternate domestic spaces are merely a façade to the secrets lying within the room or even within the frame itself.