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See the current list of jobs on the WHAT.

Don’t put yourself in a box. Just because you majored in Printmaking, it doesn’t mean you should only be looking for jobs as a printmaker. A student with studio art major (BFA, BA) usually has developed stellar problem-solving skills and has great attention to detail, qualities that most employers look for. A student with an Art History or Visual Studies major has developed great analytical abilities and writing skills. A student with an Architecture major understands how people actually use the built environment. Use that knowledge to your advantage!

What do you want to do? There are a lot of different jobs that you are qualified for. Go back and look at the lists on the Careers in the Arts page. What type of environment do you work best in? If you cannot function before noon, it might be a good idea to look for jobs where you can work flexible hours, not an office job where you’re expected to be there at 8 am every morning. Do you work best around a lot of people, or do you find that distracting? If you work better at home, look for jobs where you can work from home! Do you plan to travel a lot? Maybe freelancing or temporary jobs will work best for you.

Many artists just starting out find they need to have a “day job” to pay the bills. If you can afford it, look for jobs where you can work part-time. If you need a full time job with benefits, make sure you pencil in studio time every week so you keep making art!

First off, you need a résumé!

Résumés have become more and more complicated. There are several different types, and in many cases, you need to create a specific résumé for each job you apply for! To help you navigate the vargarities of different kinds of résumé and how to create each one, we've created the 

Guide to Tyler Résumés

Click on that link, and you'll learn all you need to know about creating a great résumé that will get you your dream job.

Second, Read the Week Here at Tyler and attend the Career Workshops!

Attend Life After Temple workshops (we tailor these to students in the Arts), Pizza & Jobs Information Sessions and Career Center workshops listed in the WHAT.  And attend as many Artist Talks as you can.

Now, Visit Temple's Career Center!

Students (and alumni!) often forget that Temple has a Career Center! The Career Center offers help with the mechanics of the job search (how to write a résumé, interview, following up) as well as help finding both internships and jobs for both students and alumni. The Career Center provides all Temple students and alumni with a full range of services to optimize their internship and employment opportunities and enhance their life-long career success.

The Career Center is located in Mitten Hall on the second floor.  You can visit for help looking for a job, to have your free picture taken for your LinkedIn Account, or to get some résumé paper if you need it. They have drop in hours Monday-Friday 11 am - 3 pm for 15-minute sessions (you can have your résumé critiqued!) or you can click here to schedule a 30 minute appointment with a Career Coach.

There are two kinds of personal resources at the Career Center for Tyler.  First, a Career Coach.  The Career Coach is the person you want to see to help you decide "what you want to be when you grow up." He or she can help you figure out what direction you should be going and help you formulate a map of how to get there (including, what types of internship(s) you might want to try to have while you're a student).  He can also help you craft your resume and cover letter. You can see any Career Coach, but they specialize in the types of jobs you might be looking for.

Chris Peterson
Career Coach
Arts, Government & Non-Profit

Karen Demmler
Career Coach
Communication, Media, Advertising, Design, Tourism & Hospitality Management, General Business

Kathy Francis
Career Coach
Education, Health & Human Services

Mark Kaloko
Senior Career Coach
Grad Students and Students Considering Graduate School

The second resource are the Outreach Specialists.  Their job is to connect with employers to find jobs that might work for you.  They can help you find the jobs you're looking to apply for. They work in tandem with and in the same kinds of areas as the Career Coaches.

Holly Logan
Outreach Specialist
Arts, Government & Non-Profit

Anna Eulau
Outreach Specialist
Communication, Media, Advertising, Design, Tourism & Hospitality Management, General Business

Sonia Blount
Outreach Specialist
Education, Health & Human Services

Ryan Dawson
Outreach Specialist
Science, Research, Information Technology & Engineering

The Career Center has an AWESOME database of part-time, summer, and post-graduation jobs (as well as internships) for you. The database is called OwlNetwork. Here’s what you do to use this great resource:

  • Log in to the TU Portal
  • Select Career Center on the list of applications
  • Select Proceed to OwlNetwork

The first time you log into the Owlnetwork, you'll need to create a profile and upload your resume. Then you'll be able to search the jobs via a Career Community.  Don't feel like you need to stay in ONE Career Community; the search used to create the job list in each week's Week Here At Tyler includes Arts; Business Services; Communication, Media, Advertising, Design; Education; and Government and Nonprofit. Once you create a search that reflects the types of jobs or internships you're interested in pursuing, you can set up the program to email you results on a daily or weekly basis or whenever a job that reflects that criteria are posted. Before You Interview, Practice!

Before You Interview, Practice!

There are some questions that you will be asked in most interviews. Preparing for common interview questions will help you build confidence for the interview. Use InterviewStream our video-interviewing platform, to practice. You will be prompted with questions and can record yourself. InterviewStream will let you set up a mock interview that you can film yourself taking via your cell phone or laptop, and then play back so you can see for yourself how you looked while you interviewed.  You can also send your interview to your Career Coach or anyone helping you get ready for the interview for pointers on how you answered the question, or to see what nervous ticks you might want to realize you're doing so you can stop doing them. This can seem silly, but walking through an interview before you go will help you seem more relaxed and personable in the interview, and can really make the difference between getting the job or being the second choice.

Here's another list of things to keep in mind for your interview!

Another Great Resource: Career Shift

CareerShift's set of tools and applications provide a very unique opportunity to job hunters.  While other web services provide bits and pieces of the job hunt process, only CareerShift provides an easy-to-use approach for bringing all the parts together to crack the "hidden job market" and for managing the job hunt all in one place.  With CareerShift, you can:

  • Search, store and record job listings at all publicly posted websites, company websites, and newspapers.
  • Get inside contact information immediately, including email addresses, for millions of companies, even alumni, and then save and manage your data.
  • Upload/copy & paste as many targeted resumes and cover letters needed or upload your current documents.
  • Access your confidential CareerShift account from anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

CareerShift is a service contracted for Temple students and recent alumni by the Career Center.  To access this tool:

  • Go to
  • Click sign up.  Fill out the required information, using your email address.
  • Select a security question & answer.
  • Answer the human verifier question and check the user agreement.
  • Click next and answer the required questions.
  • You will be brought to your personal CareerShift account. If you have questions, contact

What About LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great tool to help you find, connect and research employers you might want to work for. You should start by creating a professional profile (instructions on the site).  Then check out the Temple Page and connect with other Temple Alumni.  You'll find that GAID and Architecture Alumns have their own alumni groups that you can join if you graduated from those departments.  

Here's a tip sheet to help you get started.  Remember to use a good, clear selfie as your profile picture. It should go without saying that you shouldn't use a picture of you and your friends with your friends cropped out or a picture of yourself chugging a beer. If you need a good picture, you can drop in at the Career Center, and they'll take a picture of you against the neutral background of your choice; they actually have a LinkedIn Photo Booth all set up and ready to go! 

Also, make sure you craft your profile for who you WANT to be and not who you are. Your tagline should not be "hostess at Blah Blah Steak House" unless your goal is to be a hostess at a better steak house.  Instead your tagline should read YOUR equivalent of "Aspiring Hortoculturist seeking to make the world more beautiful."

Watch your weekly WHAT for the occasional Career Center workshop for using LinkedIn to your advantage.

Need a bigger push to get your LinkedIn account started?  Read this: 6 Reasons You Need a LinkedIn Page Right Now

Want to Work in Another State, or Abroad?  Use GoinGlobal!

Temple's Career Center has a resource to help with your job or internship search for jobs in other states or other countries called GoinGlobal. The GoinGlobal database contains country-specific career and employment resources for more than 80 locations.

  • Researched by in-country career experts and updated annually.
  • Topic areas include:
    • Job search resources
    • Work permit/visa regulations
    • County-specific resume/CV guidelines and examples
    • Interview and cultural advice
    • Employment outlook/industry trends
    • Professional and social networking groups
  • H1B Plus database (developed by GoinGlobal) provides a customized sort of all Department of Labor H1B visa applications by job title, occupation, company, location and wage.
  • Features 34 Country Career Guides -- 85-100 pages in length.
  • Contains 44 USA City Career Guides and 6 Canada City Career Guides -- 65-85 pages in length.
  • Includes more than 16 millions worldwide job/internship listings (updated daily).
  • Includes more than 450,000 corporate profiles (updated quarterly).

You can use GoinGlobal from any computer connected to Temple, or from any computer once you create a GoinGlobal Account using your email account.

Other Job Hunting Resources

Architecture, Facilities Management, Architectural Preservation

Landscape Architecture, Horticulture

Community & Regional Planning


Staffing Agencies

Sometimes you just need to get your foot in the door. Sometimes you want to try out a city without making a long-term commitment. These are “temp” agencies that specialize in creative placements.  Some of the jobs might be project-based for various lengths of time. Some might be “temp to perm” which means if you work out they’ll hire you as a regular basis. In any case, don’t discount the opportunity.

What About Working for Yourself?

Have an idea for an app?  Want to build your brand and market your work?  Start your own business?  Take advantage of the Blackstone Launchpad, a free entrepreneurial consulting service for Temple students and alumni.