Chris Riddle, MFA 2020

February 5-8, 2020

Opening Reception: February 7th, 6-8pm

“Untitled (Intro to Camouflage, In Four Parts)”, 2019, 48 x 96 in., graphite, oil, inkjet print and masking tape, on mineral board mounted on poplar shelf

“Untitled (Proposal for Hedge)", 2019, 48 x 96 in., oil on mineral board mounted on poplar shelf (in four parts)

Artist Statement

Chris Riddle (b. 1984) is an artist working to examine the limits of visual and conceptual systems. Employing a range of making which includes photorealist and process-based painting, found object alteration, expressionist abstraction, and minimalist approaches et al., Riddle poses new possibilities for what can coexist and be in dialogue, questioning prescribed notions of meaning. This approach allows no single point of view, visual solution or technical style to be consistently utilized.

Riddle’s current project, Hedge, is a series of drop-ceiling tiles, in four part groupings displayed on shelves. This series of painted objects aims to merge broad methods of production into a succinct format, allowing for conversation and interconnection within this framework. 

Increasingly, the tiles are used as a surface for photorealist paintings of images depicting acts of biological mimicry and camouflage pulled from an essay written by French sociologist Roger Callois, titled ‘Mimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia'. Additionally black and white ‘razzle dazzle’ patterned tiles mimicking WWI warship camouflage have emerged. The blurred distinction between what is seen and what is hidden explores the notion of artistic practice without a singular approach to making, therefore expanding the implications for artistic innovation.