BFA with Art Education Concentration

BFA with Art Education Concentration

This program prepares BFA students, with an approved course of study, to qualify for Pennsylvania Teaching Certification in Art, kindergarten through twelfth grade. Students must complete the BFA requirements along with 32 credit hours in education, art education, and specified liberal arts courses. Education-related studies begin in the sophomore year. Students generally take 5 years to fulfill all requirements or the 155 credit degree. All candidates for Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate in Art, K-12 must earn passing scores in the Praxis I and II National Teacher Examinations, Elementary Education: General Knowledge, and the Art Education Examinations.

Students interested in pursuing teaching certification should contact the Art Education coordinator during priority registration of the second semester of the freshman year in order to plan the sequence of requirements.

During the semester prior to registration, students must complete an application for the field experiences that accompany their program.

A B-grade or better must be earned in all Art Education courses. BFA students are required to take a specified variety of six studio courses, including one painting (plus an additional Painting/Drawing/ Sculpture course), one printmaking (plus an additional Graphic Arts and Design course), and one ceramics (plus an additional Crafts course). These studio courses can be part of the student's BFA major. A cumulative average of 3.0 must be maintained in order to enter the program. Pennsylvania Education Standards require that a 3.0 average must be earned in order to enter Student Teaching and to graduate.

Anyone interested in PA Teaching Certification needs a Permanent Resident Visa (green card) in order to file a "Declaration of Intent to become a U.S. citizen".  This would allow them to receive what PDE calls a "Foreign Alien" Certificate valid for five years from date of issuance. In that time period, they need to get their U.S. Citizenship.