The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLArch)

The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLArch)

The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLArch) at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University is a Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB)-accredited degree program that emphasizes ecological landscape restoration—one of a few to offer this concentration among LAAB-accredited programs. The MLArch program is committed to excellence in ecologically-based design education, accomplishes the objectives for entry into the profession of landscape architecture and is aligned with the goals of the Society for Ecological Restoration. 

The MLArch curriculum integrates landscape restoration with landscape architecture in order to educate students in the preservation and transformation of natural and built environments into aesthetically beautiful and resilient places. Students apply scientific knowledge of landscape restoration, native plant communities and local ecosystems to transform vacant lots, brownfields and suburban sprawl into creatively-designed parks, campuses, gardens and neighborhoods. 

Mentored closely by a faculty of leaders in ecologically-based design, practice and research, students address a broad range of urgent issues facing landscapes around the world, including habitat restoration, environmental ethics, social justice and climate change. The curriculum structure is modular—addressing particular ecosystems and related field knowledge and design methods—and integrates science, research, design and field experiences. Some required courses are only available at the Ambler Campus, while other major course requirements are only available at Ambler Campus.

Tyler MLArch graduates have broad career options, including work in public and private landscape architecture practice, multidisciplinary built environment firms, nonprofit organizations and environmental agencies. They are leaders who integrate ecosystem science and innovative design principles to create, preserve, and restore degraded landscapes, plan for land and bio-diversity conservation, design resilient communities and advance professional practice to prepare for and respond to the climate crisis. 

Tyler’s MLArch is a professional program that prepares students for internships, the successful completion of the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE) licensing examination and the practice of landscape architecture and ecological restoration.

The program received a full six-year term of re-accreditation in 2019, having garnered initial accreditation in 2013. 

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