Master of Science (MS) in City & Regional Planning

Master of Science (MS) in City & Regional Planning

The Master of Science (MS) in City & Regional Planning degree program at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture is a Planning Accreditation Board-accredited pathway to professional practice. 

The program prepares students to become planning professionals with the knowledge, skills and capacities to address the complex challenges facing neighborhoods, cities and regions. Students learn how to navigate the challenges of policy making in a multi-tiered regulatory framework and within a pluralistic society. They learn communication skills and the tools necessary to be effective professionals working with a range of communities, administrative stakeholders and diverse interest groups in the processes of planning and decision making.

The curriculum builds knowledge and skills in social and environmental planning and governmental structures, and develops advanced computer applications for planning. Sustainability is central to the curriculum.

Tyler’s faculty are distinguished by their rich professional experience, robust networks and interdisciplinary research interests. Part-time faculty are employed in senior planning positions throughout the Philadelphia region and bring their expertise to the classroom. Students may also pursue a concentration in transportation planning or sustainable community planning.

Public information and performance outcomes
Tyler’s Master of Science (MS) in City & Regional Planning program is accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board (since 2012). Graduating students are eligible for status as an American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) candidate, pre-certified planner. The Planning Accreditation Board requires all accredited programs to post information on student achievements, tuition, student retention and graduation rates, AICP exam pass rates and employment. This information is available here