Eleanor Conover, MFA 2018

April 4 - 7, 2018

Opening Reception: April 6, 6-8pm






Artist Statement


I make paintings and drawings that respond to experience in both wild and built environments. I engage with images which are not about a scene but rather about a system, one that is both ecological and historical.


I work across multiple registers of making and reference because I navigate the natural world through many platforms; the precarity of site-specific drawing and painting functions in the same way as the instability of a photographic, filmic, or written narrative. Working in a discursive mode reminds me how places like coastlines and the open sea are mediated and represented, how they affirm or refute the contradictions of myth, natural history, and human history.  Painting allows for shifting time scales, where modes of fiction and nonfiction can productively cohabitate.


The epic and the banal are equally important to this inquiry about environmental representation. The vulnerability of existing in the remote invokes an awareness of a less hierarchical natural order. But so, too, does the firmness and certainty of a nearby abandoned granite quarry in a windstorm.