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Miami National Portfolio Day

Sarasota National Portfolio Day

Freshman Priority Deadline Fall 2017

Portfolio Scholarship Deadline (Freshmen & Transfer)

FAFSA Financial Aid Application Deadline

Graduate Fall Deadline (ML.Arch, MFA in Metals, MS City & Reg. Planning)

Create Signage for the Women's March

CANCELLED: Practice Talk: Agnes Szymanska, "Divine Spectacle: The Early Byzantine Triconch at the Red Monastery in Egypt"

Critical Dialogues Lecture Series- Dave McKenzie

Critical Dialogues Lecture Series- Peter Williams

Critical Dialogues Lecture Series- Clare Grill

Critical Dialogues Lecture Series- Caitlin Keogh

Critical Dialogues Lecture Series-Jim Lee

Simon Kim Lecture

Buell Kratzer Powell 1996-2016: The Only Constant is Change

Mark Paterson

John James Pron

Early Career Art Teachers at Tyler

LA-Hort Department Spring Kick-Off

Practice Talk: Agnes Szymanska, "Divine Spectacle: The Early Byzantine Triconch at the Red Monastery in Egypt"

Our Alumni Now// Insight Into Career Diversity

Practice Talk: Alysha Friesen Meloche, "Spirito Disegno: Using Examples from Art History as Applied Paradigms of Process"

Prof. Renata Holod, "Lighting the Great Mosque of Cordoba: A Digital Reconstruction of Vision and Memory for 10th Century Interiors"

Granger Lecture in American Art History: Jessica L. Horton, "Jimmie Durham's Bones and Stones: Art after the American Indian Movement"

"Post-Truth" Art and Media, Symposium and Panel Discussion

Prof. Therese Dolan, "Stolling the Streets of Paris with the Flaneur: A Nineteenth Century Perspective"

Prof. Jane DeRose Evans, "Giving to the Gods: Votives and Magic at Sardis, Turkey"

Early Career Art Teachers at Tyler

The Art of Recovery: An Exhibit of Work by Women in Recovery from Eating Disorders

Art History Distinguished Alumni Series: Dr. Jonathan Wallis, "Iconography Unbound: The Paranoiac-Critical Method and Salvador Dali's "The Ecumenical Council""

What Children's Art Reveals: A Child Art Therapy Primer for the Art Classroom

‘Verdant Temple’ A Landscape Master Plan for Temple’s Main Campus

A Landscape Restoration Tale of Weeds, Wildlife, Waste, & Renewal | Jenna Webster

Victoria Szafara (BA 2017) "Bridges, Bronze, and the Imperial Identity of Trajan: A Numismatic Study"

An Afternoon with Jesse Harrod: Macramé Demonstration and Exhibition Tour

Z@c# Kutz Speaking at Tyler

Answered: Burning Questions About a Career in Art Therapy

Vanessa German

Martha Rosler

Nina Katchadourian

David Lang

Dave McKenzie

Sound Making Marathon

"Post-Truth" Art and Truth

A Celebration of Life and Generosity: Nick Kripal Scholarship Event

Sanctuary Campus

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