Candytuft Bouquet: On Women with Substance Use Disorder

Candytuft Bouquet: On Women with Substance Use Disorder is an interdisciplinary project addressing contemporary media representations of women experiencing Substance Use Disorder in America. At this Zoom event, collaborators Crystal Flanagan (Tyler BFA '21) and Hemi Park (Temple MPH '21) will offer an in-depth perspective as two Philadelphia-born women who have experiences with family systems directly affected by SUD. 
Crystal Flanagan will discuss a recent body of work that seeks to represent women with Substance Use Disorder outside of the frame of documentary photography and mass media tropes. In the second segment of the event, Hemi Park will discuss the origins and current state of the opioid crisis and an introduction to harm reduction concepts. All attendees are welcome to receive a free copy of the project’s zine, Candytuft Bouquet, delivered by mail.
Note: This event addresses content that may be triggering for some individuals.

This project is supported through the General Activity Fund of Temple University.

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