Assistant Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture
Art History

Emily Neumeier

Emily Neumeier specializes in the visual and spatial cultures  of the Eastern Mediterranean, with a focus on the Ottoman Empire. Her research addresses issues of architecture, cultural heritage, the history of archaeology, and nationalist discourses through art. She is currently preparing a book-length study that will be an alternative history of Ottoman architecture from the view of the provinces during the Age of Revolutions.

Her archival and field research has been supported by the American Research Institute in Turkey and the Fulbright Program. During the 2018–2019 academic year, Neumeier was in residence at the Gennadius Library in Athens, Greece, as a Getty/American Council of Learned Societies Fellow in the History of Art. Before coming to Tyler, Neumeier taught at Ohio State University and was a Research Collaborator in the Max Planck Research Group "Objects in the Contact Zone: The Cross-Cultural Lives of Things" at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence, Italy.

Neumeier aims to encourage her students to explore emerging technologies in their own research and engage in public scholarship. She serves as an editor and frequent host on the Ottoman History Podcast, among other projects in new media.

PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2016
MA, University of Pennsylvania, 2012
BA, Boston College, 2008

Selected Work
Neumeier, E. (2021). Portrait of Ali Pasha: Cultural Mobility on the Periphery of Empire. In E.
     Troelenberg, K. Schankweiler, & A. Messner (Eds.), Reading Objects in the Contact Zone
     (pp. 172-178). Heidelberg: University of Heidelberg.

Neumeier, E. (2020). Trans-imperial Encounter on the Ionian Sea: A French Engineer’s Account of
     Constructing Ottoman Fortifications. In S. Pradines (Ed.), Ports and Fortifications in the Muslim
     World: Coastal Military Architecture from the Arab Conquest to the Ottoman Period

     (pp. 217-236). Cairo: Institut français d’archéologie orientale.

Neumeier, E. (2019). Mediating Legacies of Empire in the Post-Imperial Museum. History and
     Anthropology 30
(4), 406-420.

Neumeier, E. (2017). Spoils for the New Pyrrhus: Alternative Claims to Antiquity in Ottoman Greece.
     International Journal of Islamic Architecture 6(2), 311-338.
Neumeier, E. (2017). Rivaling Elgin: Ottoman Governors and Archaeological Agency in the Morea. In B.
     Anderson and F. Rojas (Eds.), Antiquarianisms: Contact, Conflict, and Comparison (pp. 134-160).
     Oxford, England: Oxbow Books.

Image credit: Giorgos Oikonomou