John Hatfield (MFA '89)

John Hatfield (MFA '89) is currently the Executive Director of Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, New York. Previous to Socrates Sculpture Park, he worked for 17 years in various capacities at the New Museum, New York. As the deputy director, he oversaw multiple departments, contributed to strategic planning and new building construction. Over many years at the New Museum, Hatfield worked intimately with curators and artists on over a hundred museum exhibitions. Hatfield served as assistant vice president for Memorial, Cultural and Civic Programs at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation managing the largest public design competition in the world for the September 11th memorial and selection process. He has served on many panels and juries; curated exhibitions; lectured on art in the public realm; and advised organizations throughout the country on public art.


  • Above: Living Pyramid (2016) by Agnes Denes. Images courtesy of Socrates Sculpture Park.