Associate Professor
City & Regional Planning, Community Development

Lynn Mandarano, PhD

Lynn Mandarano is an expert in community engagement and capacity building for collective action to address complex social and environmental concerns. Her research explores how everyone from individuals to regional collaborative institutions develop capacities, such as knowledge, relationships and political will to plan and implement projects that have positive, long-term impacts. Her work in Philadelphia assists communities with capacity building and engages students through community-based service learning projects. 
She is actively engaged in research and has been awarded over $1,000,000 in external funds.  Mandarano’s work is published in leading planning journals including the Journal of Planning Literature, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Journal of Planning, Education and Research, Local Environment, Planning Practice and Research and Society and Natural Resources, among others.
Prior to becoming a professor, Mandarano worked for more than 20 years as a professional consultant in the fields of environmental engineering and environmental policy for United States municipal, county and state governments, private business and international clients. In 1998, Mandarano started her own consulting practice, The Natural Resource, which is a certified as a woman-owned business enterprise in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.
PhD, City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania, 2004
MBA, Management Science, Iona College, 1990
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University, 1984

Selected Work

Mandarano, L. 2023. “Empowering Emerging Leaders: A model public planning academy.” Community Development Journal. Published Online December 26, 2023. DOI:10.1093/cdj/bsad037

Mandarano, L. 2023. “Elevating Community Voice: Community Engagement in Planning Studio” in Routledge Handbook of University-Community Partnerships in Planning Education, eds. Megan Heim LaFrombois and Jay Mittal. Routledge Press. ISBN 9781032389875

Meenar, M. and L. Mandarano. 2021. “Using Photovoice and Emotional Maps to Understand Transitional Urban Neighborhoods.” Cities. V118, November 2021.

Mandarano, L., & Meenar, M. (2017, July). Equitable Distribution of Green Stormwater Infrastructure: A
     Capacity-based Framework for Implementation in Disadvantaged Communities. Local Environment,
(11), 1338-1357. doi:10.1080/13549839.2017.1345878
Mandarano, L. (2015, June). Civic Engagement Capacity Building: An Assessment of the Citizen
     Planning Academy Model of Public Outreach and Education. Journal of Planning Education and
     Research, 35
(2), 174-187. doi:10.1177/0739456X14566869


Image credit: Ryan S. Brandenberg