Funding for Undergraduate Students

Before applying for funding of any kind, make sure that your advisor thinks that it is appropriate for you to do so.  With all applications for funding, one should begin ideally about six weeks before the deadline, and request letters about three or four weeks before the deadline.  It is also best to send the faculty who are writing letters in support of your applications a good, solid, clean draft of your application essay and your resume or c.v., along with the request for the letters.  Send your advisor all relevant information in a single email message, being sure to paste information into the email message, rather than asking faculty to search websites for it or keep track of numerous email messages with bits and pieces of it.

Internal Funding for Undergraduates 

The funding opportunities in this section include short- and long-term scholarships, grants, and fellowships offered to undergraduates by entities within Temple University for study and research.