Temple University Ambler Campus Greenhouse Education and Research Complex

Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Landscape Architecture and Horticulture

Benjamin Snyder

Greenhouse Horticulturist and Manager

(267) 468-8180



Main Greenhouse:

Constructed in 2000, our Main Greenhouse features 3,700 square feet of climate-controlled growing space for various projects, including faculty and student research, class projects, and plant forcing for our annual display at the Philadelphia Flower Show. This space also houses a large percentage of our permanent teaching and research plant collection.

The Main Greenhouse is the warmer of our two enclosed growing areas, with a minimum temperature of around 66°F. The growing space is divided into three bays, each controlled individually though our Wadsworth environmental control system.

This system uses data collected from an on-site weather station to efficiently operate the various heating, venting and cooling equipment to provide an ideal growing environment. 

Our Greenhouse features an automatic dual-purpose thermal blanket to increase our energy efficiency. This material is drawn across the roof area at nightfall and helps slow the escape of heat through the roof. It then reopens at daybreak to allow the sunlight in. This material is also used to shade the plants and reduce heat buildup during hot summer weather.

The Greenhouse also has the capability to capture and store rainwater from the 6,600 square feet of roof surface on the Greenhouse and Headhouse buildings. This water is stored in two underground cisterns with a combined holding capacity of 12,000 gallons and can be pumped into the Greenhouse for plant irrigation.