Interact 12

And the winner is… 

topswatch website

Congratulations to Brendan McCauliffe, Max Amato, Nick Lomboy & Justin Nowak for their winning entry. 

Check out the feature on Technically Philly site.


Here's the link to the other winning entries. 


Korina Dabundo: The Sloth Cycle, Animation

Matt Gordilis: Sailing Collective Website

Bryan Satalino: The Hatchery Website

Alison Kerek: Them that Do, Opening and Closing Titles

Brendan McCauliffe: Salvaje iPad App

Ashley Connor: The Perception of Color, iPad App

Abby Musial: Unbroken, iPad App

Zachary Kutz: Urban Mining Infographic Process, Video

Bridget Currie: Moneyless, iPad App

Emily Hurley: Caffeine iZine, iPad App

Brendan McCauliffe: Space, iPad App

Abby Musial: Blend, iPad App

Emily Shilling: Pages of Positivity Website

Lisa Spiller: Help the Hive Website

Bryan Satalino: Gearhead, Website

Ashley Connor: Pigments, iPad App

Emily Kelly: Pidgeon Toe Ceramics, iPad App

Samantha McCafferty: Ecohavens, Website

Abby Musial: Ember iPhone App

Emily Hurley: Surfology Website

Bri Foschini: The Godfather, Title Sequence, Animation

Once again, we also want to thank Chris Cobb, Creative Director of Second Story, NY who gave a wonderful presentation of Second's Story's incredible work and process. It was really fascinating. 

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We'd like to thank our three judges Eric Sutton, Jeyln Frye and Gavin Cooper for doing an amazing job. To Bridget Currie and Mary Claire Cruz with their help in organizing the promotional materials and animations. We also want to thank Stephanie Knopp for all her help and assistance as well as Dave, Steve and Sam for IT support and photography, and of course to all of you that came out to support the event. And last but not least, to all the amazing faculty and students that make this event possible. Thank you! 


Interact 12 Team

Graphic & Interactive Design