Jae Eun Park, MFA 2019

March 13 - 16, 2019

Opening Reception March 15, 6-8pm

Artist Statement

Most images appear in my head when I think I am not doing anything. Just sitting in my studio looking at blank wall, lying on bed staring at the ceiling, or standing in the shower feeling the water run down my body. Perhaps it’s because that is the only time when I can focus solely on my inner self, and to process the overflowing information. Everyday experience of what we see, hear and feel, are intermingled in my head. Then I recreate a scene from that dough of experience as a way to record and remember the emotions driven from them. Art, to me is the mirror that reflects emotion and psychological space, rather than its physical state.

I am interested in human behaviors and emotions. To be honest, I am interested in expressing my emotions that are provoked by other internal/external circumstances. In order to visualize abstract concepts, I often use figure and their gesture. For example, depiction of senses and hands in action are used as metaphors to describe abstract concepts like the passing of rumor and knowledge, desire, greed, craving, attachment, and discrimination. Making art- to me is like playing pretend play that involves thinking in diverse perspectives and imagination. The figures are actors in the play and assigned a role and common objects become something meaningful, just as how a child can imagine a table full of food even when some pebbles on a bigger flat rock is all they have.