Jazmyn Crosby, MFA 2020

February 12-15, 2020

Opening Reception: February 14th, 6-8pm

Near Missess Machine, 2019, Youtube Video

Simultinaety Device, 2019, Youtube Video 

Artist Statement

The rooms that we occupy are always leaking all over this planet. Transmitted pictures and voices move through space ephemeral and ghost like. 

The impossibility of communication drives this work. If we cannot talk with dolphins what makes us think we could talk to aliens? Perhaps the most difficult is attempting to talk to other people. 

Several conversations have been created with restricted and specific access, corded phones are used as a means of simplifying communication to an act of hearing and speaking. Fractured dialogues are highlighted and diagramed. Sounds from the bottom of the ocean drip into the room, voices spill out. Using copper wire and and an assortment of found objects machines are built to aid this dilemma. This work questions function misuse and obsolescence, it fortifies broken objects and tenderly identifies with them, granting new potential.