Jino Rahimi, MFA 2019

February 20 - 23, 2019

Opening Reception February 22, 6-8pm

Woman in front of a screen which displays  painting of a man in a landscape and a photograph of a man looking from a window

Artist Statement

It is no coincidence that the word ‘curator’ is etymologically related to ‘cure’. To curate is to cure. Curating cures the powerlessness of the image, its inability to show itself by itself. Exhibition practice thus is the cure that heals the originally ailing image, that is, gives it presence, visibility – brings it to the public view and turns it into the object of the public’s judgment. However, one can say that curating works like a supplement, like a pharmakon in the sense of Derrida* in that it both cures the image and further contributes to its illness.

From Medium to Message: The Art Exhibition as Model of a New World Order by Boris Groys
* Force de loi by Jacques Derrida

This self-curated show features new collaborative works by Lauren Fueyo, Annie Lukins, Jino Rahimi, and Netta Sadovsky. The artists intend a relationship of reciprocal cure between themselves, the work, and the viewer. The artists acknowledge that the relationship which cures may also deepen the illness.