Kaitlin Santoro

April 21-24

Screenprint on Cotton, 15" x 20"

What Remains
Sand and oil on acrylic, video still

Artist Statement

The water had evaporated from the glass that sat on the table next to her favorite chair. The cushion discolored after years of use; the fabric worn thin in the spot she once sat. Her scent still filled the apartment. My grandmother was gone, but her presence remained.

My work is about loss, impermanence, and memory.

My experiences with loss have ranged from swift, unforeseen deaths to slow, generational trauma that arises from witnessing family succumb to dementia. I am interested in how time affects memory and what happens when one’s recollections shift or are lost. My work aims to show the fragility of time and one’s life. I am intrigued by what remains and lives on after one is lost.