Layla Marcelle, MFA 2020

February 5-8, 2020

Opening Reception: February 7th, 6-8pm

Screenings: February 7th, 6:15 & 6:45pm and February 8th, 2pm

Better Lovers: "On Warm Adobe" 2019, installation shot. Video, lightbulb, paint, wood, internet, human(s). Photo credit: Alec Smith

"Fruitr" 2019, video still. Collaboration with Chloé Rossetti.

Artist Statement

I am a queer artist engaged with ceramics, the body, choreography, writing, image-making, object-making, materialism, contradiction, homonyms and other doubles, pedagogy, sci-fi and aesthetics of pleasure. I believe in craft. I have a feminist, antiracist art practice. I care about objects as part of complex ecosystems. I think about identity as being co-constituted by others, by things and humans and plants and architecture. I am interested in dance as a state of thinking. I am enchanted by the slippery relationship of language, conceptual maps and perception. I love feeling and I love thinking. My work isn’t easy. My work is often uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s funny. It’s always sensual. It’s like sexy philosophy in stereoscopic technocolor.