Lisa Jungmin Lee, MFA 2020

March 25-28, 2020

Opening Reception: March 27th, 6-8pm

Open-ended, 11.2019, Monotype, 21"x21"

here but there, 11.2019, Monotype, 21"x38"

Artist Statement

I investigate into how spaces can be composed of countless layers of time and memory. The space which we live in and interact with gradually permeates to our way of life; how we think, how we move, and how we perceive the time in that specific space. I recognize that time and speed are distorted by the spatial features such as walls, corners, doors, windows, and certain structures composing the body of building. A transitional space that belies a passageway into the next landscape of the mind, mapping a geography of such everyday phenomena. So, our memories from this experience create another tier of room in our minds.