Marisa Keris, MFA 2018

Thesis Exhibition: March 14-17, 2018

Opening Reception: March 16, 6-8pm



Crouching Aphrodite


Purple Haze



Artist Statement

My work explores the power dynamic between humanity and nature. I am interested in loss of meaning through repetitively reproduced ancient Greco-Roman sculpture. The deterioration of manmade structures overcome by nature are expressions of time and the degradation of civilizations. Copies of female forms in these landscapes represent the body’s relationship to nature, idealized beauty, and human struggle.


The romanticism and harmony of classical art historical genres, mixed with post-apocalyptic themes

creates an atmosphere to question the past roles and future responsibilities of art and humanity.

Referencing the cyclical nature of seasons, feminine psychology, and emotion, painting is a means for

physical and philosophical reasoning.


Disharmony of nature brings awareness to social and emotional imbalance. It is a reminder of the

importance of human connection to nature in a time where there are constant challenges causing

disengagement from others, self, and nature with detrimental effects.