Matt Jacobs, MFA 2016

Thesis Exhibition: March 9 – 12, 2016

Reception: Friday, March 11, 6 – 8pm

Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm

Installation view of one of Matt Jacobs's fiber pieces
There Are Two Kinds of People in this World, 2015
Dyed silk applied directly to wall, dimensions variable (length 15ft)

Matt Jacobs' studio
Studio View, 2015

Let’s consider the studio as ecology: architecture is the environment and color is the organism. Color lives in three states: solid, liquid and vapor. It rests patiently as powder sealed in jars; it collects slowly suspended in pools of water, and it breaths deeply in mists sprayed into the air. Traces of color deposit across many surfaces as it moves about. My recent work has been aimed at trying to capture these traces by giving them bodies. Dying fabric, soaking paper towels, and casting resin are a means to momentarily pause and extract color from its cycle. More like taking the temperature than building a dam. Often times the periphery of these attempts are more interesting than the results. I become increasingly drawn to the fringes, redirecting my focus and trusting my impulses. The path is never straight.  I find myself constantly sidestepping: a little to the right here, a little to the left there, always eagerly pursuing the latest discovery and always hungry for more. 

All images courtesy the artist.