Matt Witmer

November 17-20

Found materials, Schuylkill River, 3 'x 2' x 1'

Excerpt from SLF Dossier

Artist Statement

“The Power is Yours”

I grew up on Captain Planet. The perfect amalgamation of 90s eco-liberalism. It had white people rapping, tokenized diversity, an obviously evil antagonist, and a feel good message about individualized agency in a system-wide catastrophe. At the end of every episode, they said you can help by cleaning up your local community. Bunch of liars. When I was 6, these motherfuckers told me that I could help save the rainforest. Sure. Not by cutting out beef, but if I cleaned up my playground, we could save the planet together. Don’t forget to recycle! So, I listened. Every day at recess, I led a brigade of young children around the playground picking up little bits of trash. I spent my playtime putting plastic bottles in recycling bags so they could be shipped across the Pacific Ocean in enormous gas-powered cargo ships and burned, mainlined into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the adults spent their time making a bunch of money from a goddamn cartoon to sell me soda and action figures made from ABS resin telling me to pick up my own and everyone else’s trash. I should have been learning to find joy in life and assemble pipe bombs.