Maya Malachowski Bajak, MFA 2016

Thesis Exhibition: March 23 – 26, 2016

Reception: Friday, March 25, 6 – 8pm

Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm

crumbling brick
brick #7, 2015
cement and dirt from Wissahickon, 3" x 8” x 2” (approximate) 

drawing of rebar and concrete
concrete and rebar#1, 2015
sumi ink on paper, 15” x 22” 

My work explores concrete and its relationship to culture and the natural environment. Grounded primarily in a drawing practice, I examine and reveal the tension between concrete’s earthbound origins and its crafted image as a denatured marker of progress. I use drawing and other media as research tools for a continuous practice of embodied investigation into images, materials and ephemera rooted in the ordinary constructions that build and erode the American landscape. 

All images courtesy the artist.