Michele Fitzgerald, MFA 2020

April 8-11, 2020

Opening Reception: April 10th, 6-8pm

Vampire - Digital Illustration, Book of Beasts Project, Fall 2019

UNITED PLANET - Brand Standard - Thesis - Fall 2018

Artist Statement 

I’ve always been drawn to the supernatural. Tales of witches and magical beings pulled me in at an early age, while odysseys of science fiction and fantasy led me into new worlds. It was this passion for imagination and the arts that led made me an illustrator and why I decided to pursue a career in the creative arts.  

The me of today still draws heavily from the same inspirations of sci-fi, fantasy, world culture and Japanese comics. However, I now like to reference symbology, the occult, mythology and urban legends as well into my body of work because of their diverse natures. Today, I aim to pair my image making skills with graphic and interactive design for a broader and more immersive storytelling experience. I am inspired from a global perspective and seek to be able to relay that love and awe for the diversity surrounding us through my future bodies of work.