Mneera Alawadhi, MFA 2020

March 18-21, 2020

Opening Reception: March 20th, 6-8pm

Artist Statement

As a reemerging pattern in my life and my practice, I find myself gravitating towards areas of overlap in theories, gaps in knowledge, the in-between, and the tangents of my fields of interest. I constantly crave finding holistic views that uncover the underlying complexity of network of correlations and the interconnections of science, culture, theory and, ultimately, people. I find comfort in the absoluteness and certainty that reality is relative. It makes me sit in the areas of definite ambiguity and allows me room, space, and distance to know, document, create, theorize, speculate, or reinvent.  

In my process, I came to understand my identity and myself as multi-rooted layered complex in a dynamic/changing state with revealed nodes that exposes a network of veiled imbedded connections that mostly go beyond my personal experience/narrative. I arrived at the socio-politics, culture, race, religion, spatial politics and other macro forces. It led me to show interest in areas of detectability, where the tension between documentation and theory resides; where multiple narratives and realties can be speculated.