Nicole Harvey, MFA 2018

April 4 - 7, 2018

Opening Reception: April 6, 6-8pm



Amber Neclace Baltijas



Still Life Tin Inside



Artist Statement

My work oscillates between the personal impact and universal qualities of loss that we experience as humans. Upon the loss of my grandmother, I began to take stock of the items she left behind. Throughout the process, one inquiry stood out to me; When we are faced with an absence, whether it be of a physical space or a person close to us, how do we place value upon the memories and ephemera left behind? We all experience life and loss both privately and as a community. In searching through her items, I rediscovered my identity as a daughter, granddaughter, and Latvian, but realised that these items would not hold the same weight with others. What we value and the things that are most precious to us may not mean anything to a larger public, but we hold tight to them nonetheless. I hope that in my work, others can find solace in the dark and endless spaces between the items and places I photograph that are so precious to me.