Ositadinma Jon-Nwakalo

March 31-April 3

House paint on panel, each panel 8" x 8", 6'8" total.

Color Spectrum
House paint on panel, each panel 8" x 8", 8' total.

Artist Statement

My work relates to the relational aesthetics of size, scale, placement, color, and structure, to the surrounding location. I create contrasts that highlight the signifiers of the environment (wall,space, and the viewer). By doing this I am creating a dialogue within the space itself, making the space my own. By using the modulation of independent units I am looking to stretch the perceived bounds of what this space permits.
My work is not site specific, but always in dialogue with its site. Within this dialogue I’d like to create order by defining a certain term of units. Within this order I’m letting one element be chaotic,the form of color. Assessing where there is order, chaos, and variation in an arrangement, I am creating visual conflict. Through this visual conflict I am creating movement within the space.