Patricia Swanson, MFA 2017

Thesis Exhibition: March 22-25, 2017

Opening Reception : March 24, 6-8pm

Title: Receiving Room I

Year: 2016

Materials: Archival Inkjet Print


Title: Epitaph

Year: 2016

Materials: 9 silver gelatin prints, graphite



Artist Statement

We each carry with us

a story heavy,

words that weigh on the lines of our novel existence.

Fragments that build and change,

Building up, particles that knit together forming

Layers, we find ways to stand upon them

yet sometimes wiped away.


Clean, bright, light.


A space of wholeness,

formed in the dust of our sorrows,

strengthened by our joy.   

There is a vast comforting silence within

the places,

the places that ask us to sit and rest.