• Louise Langford Verstegen

      Louise Langford Verstegen (PhD, 2007) works at the PEW Charitable Trusts in Philadelphia.

  • Jonathan Wallis

      Jonathan Wallis (PhD, 2004) is an Associate Professor at Moore College of Art. He was awarded the Lindback Award for Teaching in 2013. His publications include a catalog on the contemporary artist Jenny Drumgoole and articles for the Journal of Curatorial Studies and Woman's Art Journal.  He served as guest editor of a double issue of Art and the Public Sphere (Intellect Press):

  • Peter Wang

      Peter Han-Chih Wang (PhD, 2017) formerly visiting assistant professor at Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana, is now an Instructor of Art History at Butler University (Indianapolis, IN), teaching courses in modern and contemporary art, history of photography, and American visual culture.

  • Brooke Whitaker

      Previously, Brooke Whitaker (BA, 2002) wroked as Assistant Director of Global Partnerships at Lincoln Center Education in New York and Program Director of the Cultural Innovation Fund at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Currently, she is an independent arts advocate/creator/collaborator/consultant in NY.

  • Jennifer Zarro

      Jennifer Zarro (MA, 1999) received a PhD from Rutgers and has been appointed NTT Assistant Professor in the Visual Studies Department at Tyler. She teaches Tyler's GenEd Race and Diversity class ("Race, Identity, and Experience in American Art") as well as classes in Visual Studies. She had previously taught at Moore College of Art and Design and Arcadia University. She has also curated exhibitions for the Center for the Humanities at Temple (using many pieces from the Charles Blockson Collection).

  • Jennifer Zwilling

      Jennifer Zwilling (MA 2001) is currently the Curator of Artistic Programs, the Clay Studio, in Philadelphia.

  • scott gratson

    Scott Gratson

      Scott Gratson (Professor of Instruction in Communication and Social Influence, Klein College of Undergraduate Studies; PhD in Art History May 19) is off to Oxford to complete Certificate in Higher Education, with a primary focus on History, and subsidiary areas of Archaeology and Architecture. He wrote, "I must note that the most revealing and challenging questions from my interviewers were all based on art history." especially on the topic on which he wrote his dissertation. In the meantime, check out his work in the LGBTQI+ community:

  • Adrienne Hess

      Adrienne (BA 2020) is heading to Kutztown University to complete an MA in Arts Administration.

  • Tiffany Hunt

      Tiffany Hunt (PhD 2020) has published an article, "Michelangelo in 1964: The Critical Model as Dialectical Image in Bruno Zevi’s Renaissance
      Architecture" in Architectural Theory Review 2020.

  • Emma Roberts

      Emma Roberts (BA 2019), who completed several internships while studying in the Art History program (the Guggenheim, Temple Contemporary, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Print Center in Phila, and the American Visionary Museum in Baltimore), has been accepted into the Whitney Museum of American Art's Independent Study Program, only one of four such positions available.

  • Tara Kaufman

    Tara Kaufman

      Tara Kaufman (MA Spring 2019) is a curatorial assistant at the Michener Museum in Doylestown, PA. While completing her MA thesis, she was awarded a William H. Truettner Graduate Fellowship at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

  • Nicole M. Pareja

    Marie N. (Nikki) Pareja

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