March 18, 2024

Prof. Kopta Shares Research at the Medieval Academy of America

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Assistant Professor of Instruction Dr. Joseph Kopta spoke at the Medieval Academy of America's 99th Annual Meeting at the Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame, on March 15, 2024. His paper, "Bookmaking as Knowledge Construction in Byzantine Codices" explored the ways that late Byzantine colophons and recipes for inks and dyes help us understand that the act of bookmaking was itself considered a form of knowledge construction in Byzantium. The session, "Conceptualizing the Knowledge of Artists and Builders in the Global Middle Ages," is the first of two panels on this theme; the second will take place at the International Congress of Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan in May 2024. This material comes from Kopta's in-progress book project, tentatively titled The Materiality of the Byzantine Codex. Read More

February 19, 2024

Prof Durusu's survey in Turkey highlighted in ASOR News

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

The survey explores the area around the city of Polatlı in the province of Ankara in central Anatolia to understand the area's landscape context, construct site biographies, and study material culture through a sample surface collection. You can find the report here: click here Read More

February 12, 2024

Alpesh Patel invited to speak in Copenhagen workshop

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

The workshop, sponsored by the University of Copenhagen, Rethinking Transcultural Interactions in Visual Art, on April 15-16 2024, will feature Alpesh speaking on "Forever Becoming: Decolonization, Materiality, and Trans* Subjectivity", focused on the series of exhibitions he curated at UrbanGlass in NY. Read More

February 12, 2024

Tyler Art History participation in CAA annual meeting!

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

We have a bounty of researchers presenting at the CAA annual meetings this month:Nikki Marcel (PhD candidate) chairing three panels: Rebellious Creating: Opacity as Praxis in the Contemporary Caribbean; Writing for Each Other: Collaboration Across Art History and Art Practice; Office Hours: Open Discussion between Students and ProfessorsDr. Alpesh Patel chairing Peer Review Futures Publications CommitteeEmmy Schollenberger (PhD candidate) "Mountains and Memory: The Geography of Japanese Internment Camps in Emma Nishimura's Locating Memory"Noah Randolph (PhD candidate) chairing Uneasy Pieces: Pedagogical Approaches to Sensitive Topics and Controversial Works of Art and co-chairing with Dr. Leah Modigliani, Walls, Blockades, and Barricades: Art at the Margins of the New Enclosures" Read More

February 8, 2024

Recent Faculty Achievements Roundup

Author: Alina Ladyzhensky

Across disciplines and programs, Tyler's accomplished faculty have been curating and participating in exhibitions, writing and editing books and other publications, receiving recognition for their work through grants and awards, and more. Below is a roundup of their recent achievements and activities.  Read More