Degrees Offered

BFA in Painting

The BFA in Painting at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture focuses on studio practice as a career, and encourages students to explore and hone a variety of techniques while developing their own personal visions. Through both studio and seminar courses, faculty members present a range of skills and concepts essential to artistic development. Each semester, instructors expose students to awide variety of contemporary viewpoints complemented by frequent visits to museums and galleries in Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

Two other BFA pathways:

  • BFA with Entrepreneurial Studies, for students seeking to add entrepreneurship skills.
  • BFA with a Major in Art Education, for students seeking a Pennsylvania Teacher Certification in Art, K-12.


BFA in Painting with Entrepreneurial Studies

In partnership with the Fox School of Business at Temple, Tyler School of Art and Architecture offers BFA with Entrepreneurial Studies for all BFA major disciplines. The BFA with Entrepreneurial Studies is a 126 credit degree program integrating the disciplines of art and entrepreneurship. Program coursework includes 68 credit hours of art and art/related courses (which includes a 3-credit Tyler business, entrepreneurship or internship course); 14 credits of art history; 32 credits of Gen Ed; 3 credits of open electives and nine credits of Fox entreprenuership coursework. The BFA with Entrepreneurial Studies prepares students with the requisite skills for entrepreneurship in their respective studio discipline and necessary preparation to pursue graduate studies in their studio discipline, in entrepreneurship, or in similar professions upon graduation.

MFA in Painting

The MFA in Painting at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture is widely known for its superb quality, rigor and the success of its alumni and faculty. What may not be as familiar is the fact that at this distinguished program’s core is an extremely supportive community of artists. The MFA encompasses many different approaches to studio practice and creates professional artists. As part of a research university, we are dedicated to creative making as we are to research, pushing the canons and discourses of artistic production.