Quinton Maldonado, MFA 2020

February 12-15, 2020

Opening Reception: February 14th, 6-8pm

Fixation, 2019, Fabric/LED Light/Sound, Variable

Fixation, 2019, Fabric/LED Light/Sound, Variable

Artist Statement

Designed to emulate the religious altarpiece, these works focus and orient the viewer towards a singular point with a room. They are attempts in the organizing of space to produce motion and relationships, seeing and being seen. Light and sound come together to charge the room’s presence while permeable semi-transparent walls guide and shift the viewer’s perspective and position within the space. All of this is in service of creating an enveloping atmosphere, minimal yet theatrical. A way of striving towards an oceanic feeling. Containing a change from being in the room to being part of it and back again.