Rachel Sturino Hall, MFA 2019

March 13 - 16, 2019

Opening Reception March 15, 6-8pm

Artist Statement

Working titles:
At the moment of swallowing
(Liminality of the Bolus)
Mt Breeze (manifesto)
Worms and Potatoes

Illustrating the existence of the undefinable thru the act of Defining
Delineation, Taxonomies
Languages of communication and The ineffable
Actively resisting definition vs Built in failure
Futility (the leaky vessel), incapable of producing result

The impossibility and inevitability of truth in endlessness
Against totality; Against completeness

Construction of beliefs imagined thru conduits
“In the mundane are the roots of how we uphold society”
“In the USA you have to have money to shit”
Unification, whole, parts
All the food you ever ate since first grade

Between the things
Where power exists

time is not linear
the world is ending

Pull one string the whole thing unravels
Pull one string the knot tightens

1- Effect of futility, experience of futility, existence of futility